Jan 15 2014

CPV Affiliates

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 topcpanetworks2012surveyPPV, or pay per view, simply means that you only pay when a potential customer actually views your ad. This is also known as CPV or cost per view. When we refer to PPV we are talking solely about the companies which use adware to display PPV ads. This downloadable software will then display ads in the form of popups or popunders whenever a user is online browsing.

Considering that we are only referring to PPV Networks which are utilizing adware, these will be the only companies that we rank. We will list some of the other PPV traffic sources but will not go into an in depth review. Continue reading “CPV Affiliates”

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Jan 13 2014

Setting Up a Pay Per View With Live Event Video Streaming

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article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a07-e3-c9-set-up-pay-per-website-800x800The internet has opened up vast new worlds for local unsigned bands that previously were reserved to the very fortunate, sometimes less talented bands that had the great fortune to be seen by a record executive an signed to a distribution and touring contract.

With the popularity of the Internet many of those things have changed. Advancements in home recording have allowed unsigned bands the ability to put out professional quality recording that used to be reserved for those lucky few. Websites have allowed bands the ability to grow massive online fan bases that rival some of the biggest bands in the world. Continue reading “Setting Up a Pay Per View With Live Event Video Streaming”

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Jan 13 2014

4 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Newbies – How Beginners Can Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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successful-affiliate-website-or-blogThe following affiliate marketing tips for newbies are designed to help beginners to the internet marketing world get off to the quickest possible start.

Many newbies go through an initial 6 to 12 months of trial and error and looking for that “secret shortcut” to internet riches. But there is no secret and as a result these affiliate marketing tips for newbies are designed to get entrepreneurs on the right track right from the get go.

1. Learn Internet Marketing Basics – One of the most important parts of affiliate marketing is the ability to drive traffic to an offer. Without traffic you will not make sales. Continue reading “4 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Newbies – How Beginners Can Make Money With Affiliate Marketing”

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Jan 11 2014

Generate Traffic – 6 Best Practices to Generate Traffic Online

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Blog promoEvery marketer wants more eyes on their ads, and more customers ordering their products. In the offline world, advertisers invest in huge media spending with mass advertising purchases. In the online world, it is the Wild West for marketers, with small businesses, major corporations, and independent marketers all competing for the same space – and the same dollars.

This leveled playing field has made it possible to generate traffic in hundreds of different ways. From independent email marketing to ultra-expensive banner advertisements and media buys, marketers have a buffet of choices available to them, each offering different effects and a hugely variable range of potential income. Continue reading “Generate Traffic – 6 Best Practices to Generate Traffic Online”

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Jan 11 2014

Discover the Proven Marketing Strategies For Online Internet Business

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descargaYou may have noticed that there are a lot of marketing strategies that you can use to promote your product or business; however you probably will not have enough time and money to use them all. Another point is that internet is changing every day and what was working a year ago may not work today.

There are two main categories of marketing strategies, so called “Free” and Paid. In fact there are no free marketing strategies, because at least you need to invest your time and I do not know about you, but my time is very valuable. Continue reading “Discover the Proven Marketing Strategies For Online Internet Business”

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Jan 09 2014

Paid Classified Ads For Your Internet Marketing Strategy

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1388776090-make-sure-online-reputation-solid-other-must-read-business-tipsFree classified ads are a powerful way to sell your product or service online, but as far as internet marketing and affiliate marketing strategies are concerned a lot of us are unaware of the power of paid classified ads. There are a lot of factors that makes adopting a paid classified ads a very powerful approach in your internet marketing strategy some of which I have listed below.

1. Cheaper than social media and other counterparts: quikr, olx etc. provide you with a huge selling potential and are comparatively cheaper than their social media counterparts like: Facebook,MySpace etc. I recently bought a one month ad on quikr for a mere $6/month, if you have done social media advertising you would know that sometimes you have to pay upto $0.50/ click! Continue reading “Paid Classified Ads For Your Internet Marketing Strategy”

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Jan 09 2014

PPV Advertising – Using It With A Tight Budget (Part 2)

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 amazon-netflixThis post is a continuation of my series of post on how to use PPV advertising with limited budget. Today, I’m going to focus more on choosing the right PPV network that suits your budget.

There are several types of pay per view traffic. Examples are the following:

PPV traffic as a pop under, banner advertising, display advertising on related websites and even on mobile phones. Then, there is also this “desktop pop-under” and many more. Continue reading “PPV Advertising – Using It With A Tight Budget (Part 2)”

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Jan 07 2014

Pay Per View (PPV) – The Cheap and Cost Effective Way of Generating Traffic to CPA Offers

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images (1) CPA marketing or the Cost Per Action marketing is an online advertising strategy and payment model in which payment is based solely if a qualifying or valid action has been made. These actions can be in the form of registration, subscription or sales. CPA is also known as PPA or Pay Per Action.

Most Internet marketers use Pay Per Click (PPC) to generate traffic into their websites. Through the years, it has been proven that PPC is truly the bedrock of driving massive traffic. However, using such strategy can be costly. For high ranking keywords, one may have to bid and pay prices ranging from $5 to $30 per click. Sometimes, the prices may be higher for highly competitive keywords or if you want to have a targeted traffic.

To ease the burden you have and the headaches and unwanted extra expenses is another advertising strategy emerging onto the Internet CPA marketing real – the PPV or Pay Per View Marketing. Continue reading “Pay Per View (PPV) – The Cheap and Cost Effective Way of Generating Traffic to CPA Offers”


Jan 07 2014

Expanding Your Profits With Pay Per View Marketing

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After Google started slapping its affiliates, more and more internet marketers have started to move towards Pay-per-view (PPV) marketing. Although it is not new, ID-10095870-180x180PPV marketing is a relatively untapped traffic source. It differs from pay per click advertising by the fact that you are charged each time your popup gets served on a computer with adware installed, not for each click on your ad. Hence the term, “pay per view”. This adware gets installed as part of ad support software like games, toolbars, and screensavers that a user has installed on their computer. There are many PPV networks in this space, with TrafficVance, LeadImpact, Media Traffic, and Direct CPV being some of the more popular PPV networks. Continue reading “Expanding Your Profits With Pay Per View Marketing”

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Jan 06 2014

Públicos Afiliados

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Channels or pay per view, it simply means that you only pay when a potential customer actually sees your ad. This is also known as CPV or cost per view. When it comes to PPV we are only talkigro_17ng about companies that use adware to display ads PPV. This downloadable then display ads as pop-up or pop-under each time a user is browsing online software.

Since we are talking PPV networks that use adware, these are the only companies positions. We will list other sources of traffic to the card, but I will not go into in-depth review. We will list our television networks to the top card in the profitability of our experience. We weigh things such as the amount of PPV traffic available, the amount of competition which is in direct correlation with the real cost per view, the quality of traffic, conversion and overall return on investment. Continue reading “Públicos Afiliados”

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